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Allinpay Network Services Inc.(Allinpay),is a financial technology services enterprise based on 3rd-party payment. It was established in October,2008 and headquartered in Shanghai. Allinpay is one of the vice-president members of Payment & Clearing Association of China and the standing board member of China General Chamber Of commerce. It is characterized as the National High-tech Enterprise, also as the Key Software Enterprise and Enterprise Technology Center of Shanghai.

Based on the promising fintech field and its profound understanding of the industry, Allinpay has upheld the business philosophy of "market first, customer first, service first", and focus on the core demands of customers, financial institutions and individual users, then to establish scenario-based integrated payment service systems and payment-based financial technology service eco-system. So as to provide comprehensive customized solutions of integrate payment and financial service for the whole industry, including banking, insurance, securities, funds, online finance, business travel, hotels, realty, education, automobile, catering. And we are aimed at upgrading customers service and achieving a win-win situation in the industrial eco-network of value interconnection.

As a mature 3rd-party payment company, Allinpay will further strengthen its innovation in the future to drive the whole industry to upgrade and reform the payment service. We try to accelerate the evolution of financial industry to information and intelligence,then to build an interconnected smart financial ecosystem. Allinpay aims at creating enterprise values for customers and enhancing life quality for the public. We make every effort to become a leader in enabling enterprises digital transformation based 3rd-party payment.

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